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The Grand Tour

What better way to see, feel and experience the stunning Yorkshire Dales at their very finest, seated onboard a ‘Billy Connolly’ style Boom motor trike. There is a choice of over 18 well designed routes that really put visitors in touch with the stunning landscape, in a way that cannot be achieved in a closed vehicle. The owners, Judith and Jason Richards, are professional, enthusiastic and committed to ensuring everyone has a superb time on tour. Carefully chosen refreshment stops, wet weather clothing and in helmet  commentary from knowledgeable driver tour guides, plus the fun of an unusual mode of transport make for an unforgettable trip. Even the en route toilets have been thoroughly researched!

How are we doing? Well, we've been very busy since we started back in September 2013. We have currently completed over 1200 trike tours since the off with many more booked for this 2018 season.

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