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Back in December 2012 here in Yorkshire the idea of Yorkshire Trike Tours was born. It all came about after watching a TV series featuring Billy Connolly cruising Route66 across America on a Boom Mustang trike. I was hooked from that day on.

We first became trikateers in May 2006, we bought 'Chloe' our very first Boom Low Rider trike after watching a TV series called 'Billy Connolly's World Tour of England, Wales and Ireland". This is where Billy drove one of these fantastic machines around the UK. We've since spent many glorious days cruising the roads and lanes throughout the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Discovering the most amazing places, monuments, landscapes, castles and uncovering fascinating history with stories to tell. We've loved every minute of it, accruing hundreds of miles, hundreds of facts, and finding many old folk stories to tell too. We're a very popular sight around the Dales, many people recognise us and wave as we pass. It's even been known for folk to stop us for a chat and photo or even a selfie.

Jason & Judith at the Cow & Calf Rocks Ilkla Moor Baht 'at.

Both of us wanted to share this unique experience so our idea was born. We are both true Yorkshire folk, born, bred and raised with a lifelong passion for the Yorkshire Dales. Our mission was to purchase a three seater motor trike enabling us offer chauffeur driven guided tours around our beautiful National Park.

We've made it possible for everybody to enjoy our trike tours as we offer Open Access for All


You can share in the thrill of the trike whilst enjoying the breathtaking scenary. Triker guests will see, feel and experience what we have enjoyed for many years; the open air, the sunshine and the freedom of feeling the wind on your face. 

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Yorkshire Trike Tours are fully licenced for Private Hire by Leeds City Private Hire Authority. We have the distinction of being the very first motor trike operator, driver and vehicle in Yorkshire. We are very proud to be called number one.

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