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Hi Everyone,

March 2023 finds us living with a very different set of circumstances and, it is with very mixed feelings that Jason and I are announcing that we will not be touring this season.

Jason has been very unwell for over a year now; in fact we were only able to tour last season thanks to our lovely friend and stalwart driver, Michael who, together with Judith, was able to fulfil the very busy season that had been booked.

Euro 2024 Tour

As we take a break from our usual touring to focus on health and wellness, our excitement for the upcoming Euro 2024 remains strong. We are planning an exclusive tour that not only brings you to the heart of the football action but also offers expert insights into Euro odds. This unique journey will provide an opportunity to watch the matches live and learn about sports betting strategies. Keep an eye on our website for more details about this one-of-a-kind tour. Join us for a memorable adventure that combines the excitement of live football with the thrill of sports betting!

We are spending this year trying to get to full fitness and spend time together.

Any further news will come via this page on our website so watch this space.

Should you need to contact us please contact us by email at

Thank you for your understanding.

Judith and Jason


Our website is packed full of information about triking, the dales & the gods own country of Yorkshire. Yorkshire Trike Tours is the only national award winning trike tour company to receive accolades from the AA & Visit England alike. YTT offer a truly unique opportunity to experience the dales whilst being chauffeur driven onboard our amazing Boom Mustang motor trike. The trike carries two passengers in total comfort and safety whilst being sat side by side. Many well designed routes totally put you in touch with this fabulous landscape in a way that cannot be achieved in a closed top vehicle. Arrive excited leave delighted that's part of the magic that happens on Yorkshire trike tours. 

It's all about the time you have!

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